Which Stage Are You?

Which Stage is Your Company?

We see startups in four distinct stages: Idea, Startup, Rampup and Speedup. Companies in each of these phases of growth have unique needs and challenges. Whether you’re looking for help in the areas of capital, customers, expertise, services or talent, our team has gathered a set of initial resources to help you navigate through your startup journey.



You’ve got an idea that you can’t seem to get out of your head. After first scribbling it down on the back of a napkin during a brainstorm session with friends, you are excited to take the next steps to make your dream become a reality.



Whether an LLC, an LP, a B-Corp or other, you’re officially a business. You’re working out of your home office, perhaps with your business partner, launching your website and acquiring your first customers. You’re starting to think about your longer term plans and the next stage of your company’s growth.



You’ve started to hire talent and are no longer the CEO, legal, accounting and marketing departments. Since your kitchen table has no more chairs, you’ve found great office space and just got the news that you’ve been selected to participate in an accelerator. Your Startup is now a Rampup!



Your revenue is growing at an exponential rate, and your new hires are sitting in the hallway and breakroom. You’re hiring at a rapid pace – multiple new employees per day. You’ve been through at least one round of VC funding and are thinking about how to manage your growth effectively. Your Rampup has become a Speedup!


If you are a startup, rampup or speedup company, apply for your free membership today.