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Leveraging resources that lower costs, extend your runway and simplify your operation is the key to success. From furniture, computers, and software to payroll services, advertising and the best employees possible, we’ve got you covered. Over 50 of our partners are offering Startup America Firms resources in five key categories: Expertise, Services, Talent, Customers, Capital.

Starting a company can be exhilarating, lonely, frustrating and awesome all at once. You may be having a tough time finding people who can relate to the day-to-day challenges you face while working on your startup. Well, thousands of founders and startup employees have joined our private LinkedIn group. Every day they are swapping war stories, giving each other advice and even beta testing each other’s products. Get in on the action now!

In order to thrive, you need a local network of people who actually care about the success of your company. We’re helping foster vibrant startup communities all over the country through the creation of Startup Regions. The Regions are all led by entrepreneurs who care about making their city and state a great place to start and build a company. The more people you have around you who care about your success, the more likely you are to make it. And you don’t need to be in Silicon Valley to have that network around you!

The people who can give you the best advice, feedback and mentorship are often the toughest folks to get in front of. That’s why we’re giving you direct access to experts through daily webinars as part of our learning series. Whether you’re trying to hone your pitch, figure out whether you should keep bootstrapping versus taking on an investor, or can’t decide who your next hire should be, our experts have got your back.