Submit a Guest Blog

Submit a Guest Blog

We’re looking for guest bloggers!

The Startup California Partnership is always looking for interesting content for our blog. We love highlighting guest blog posts to provide our audiences with as many interesting stories and insights as possible. Possible guest blog topics include:

- Your startup story: if you’ve started your own company or were an early employee at a startup, write a blog post about what that experience was like, featuring the biggest challenges you faced, the best advice you received, your biggest mistakes and your advice for other startups.
- Your big news: if you’re launching a company, an incubator, an accelerator, or a new organization focused on driving entrepreneurship, we want to know all about it!
- Event review: if you’ve just returned from a Startup Weekend, an industry conference or another big event focused on startups, we’d love to hear about the highlights and lessons learned.

These are just a few ideas; if you’ve got another one, feel free to run it by us. Some general guidelines include:

– Please keep your posts between 250 and 700 words.
– Posts should be personalized and highlight your point of view.
– Provide a relevant image to use with the post.
– Include hyperlinks to the companies, events and people you discuss.
– Cross posting from other blogs is encouraged.

We retain final editorial rights (but will run it by you before we publish!) and submission does not guarantee that your post will be featured on the blog.

Submit your blog here.