Offer: ad:tech SF31, April 9-10

ad:tech makes it affordable for you, a startup company, to get in front of these key individuals. With turnkey options available in Innovation Alley – the feature area dedicated to companies like yours – participation is not only affordable, it’s easy.

Interview: Juliet Oberding

Juliet Oberding is a co-founder of Predictably Well, a mobile health company. Predictably Well builds products that empower people with chronic disease by forecasting their daily wellness.

Startup Heroes: Locbit

Locbit is working to deliver relevant local information to people in real time. Based in San Diego, this startup is gaining momentum with businesses by maintaining a model that is easy to demonstrate and simple to use.

Interview: Jonah Schnel

Jonah Schnel is Co-founder and Chairman of Fast A/R Funding, a firm that helps startups and small businesses get alternative funding through invoice factoring.