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Breadcrumbs is a geofencing app that helps you keep track of how and where you spend your time. As the popularity of the Quantified Self movement grows, one can find more and more apps that help track time, sleep, fitness, diet, and many more measurable aspects of everyday life.

When Joel Drotleff found out that Qualcomm‘s context-aware software development kit Gimbal (then named ContextBeta) was helping sponsor Startup Weekend San Diego 4, he researched the SDK and came up with an idea: why not create an app that tracks what he does every day? Inspired by this thought as he went to the dog park – unsure of how much time he spent while he was there – Drotleff set out to build a team that would help make this vision a reality: Sean Dominguez, a marketer; Damian, a graphic designer and web developer; and Tim, a developer.

The team did not win Startup Weekend San Diego 4, but it won the top prize from Qualcomm in separate competition for its use of Gimbal, including $500 in cash and admission to the Uplinq CodeFest just days later. Breadcrumbs continued to succeed and won a $5,000 prize in the Contextually Aware Apps category. Taking home cash and some swag, the Breadcrumbs team wasn’t ready to halt the momentum; they applied to the EvoNexus incubator in downtown San Diego and were accepted. Breadcrumbs became the first Qualcomm-endorsed company at EvoNexus when they entered the space on October 1st.

The Breadcrumbs team is currently focusing on the accuracy of the product, relying upon a healthy private beta group testing the service. The team is looking into to expanding its social functions, noting that social sharing is incredibly popular with self-tracking apps. However, they are more concerned with how people are using the app and what they can do to satisfy the user – from there, they hope to launch around December 1st.

If you wish to become a beta tester for Breadcrumbs, visit their website and sign up today.


The Breadcrumbs Team

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Jennifer Newell is the Startup California newsletter editor. As a startup enthusiast and community organizer in San Diego, Jennifer is an original local organizer for Startup Weekend and proudly represents the community with SD Tech Scene. Jennifer is a native of Colorado and tweets as @jennyjenjen.

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